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Ferneyhoughs Streichtrio

März 1997, 1. Jahrgang, Heft 1, pp 93-104

Ferneyhough´s String Trio

Ferneyhough´s »String Trio« (1995) occupies a special position among the composer´s works in several respects. 1) A trio is for formal historical and discourse-immanent reasons so challenging a medium that Ferneyhough prepared himself for this composition for a long time. 2) The relatively long piece has a rigorous double character of a four-movement form and interpolated interventions which are interlocked in a complexly paratactic way. 3) The element of making the musical discourse objective constitutes a new challenge to Ferneyhoughian compositional practice. 4) The content of the work suggests a ›second‹ mastery namely an opening to the hitherto stylistically subordinate although it would be too early to speak of the beginning of a late style. The analysis exemplarily shows aspects of Ferneyhough´s musical and compositorial thinking as a whole.

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