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»Vortex temporum« von Gérard Grisey

Die Auflösung des Materials in die Zeit

Oktober 1997, 1. Jahrgang, Heft 4, pp 51-66

»Vortex temporum« by Gérard Grisey. The Dissolving of Material in Time

»Vortex temporum « (1994–96) ist the most recent work by Gérard Grisey. In his treatment of the material and the way he maintains the meaning throughout all the transformations Grisey´s current musical interests are shown in characteristic fashion. The source material of the entire three-movement opus is comprised of an arpeggio from »Daphnis et Chloé« by Ravel which takes its content from the prevailing context (harmonic temporal and formal). This form is the basis of several levels of the work from the local rhythmicdiastematic cell up to and including the grand formal architecture. In »Vortex temporum« Grisey layers three types of temporalities: the usual one (of the spoken language) the extended one (of the spectra) and the condensed time.

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