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Nicht System - nicht Resultat

Zur Bestimmung von harmonischer Tonalität

April 2001, 5. Jahrgang, Heft 18, pp 12-36

Neither a system – nor a result. On the classification of harmonic tonality

Harmonic tonality of the 18th and 19th centuries cannot be understood either exclusively as a system that prescribes the composition nor exclusively as a result which the composition produces through the precise co-ordination of its parts. This is so because both requirements must be fulfilled in order for tonality to constitute the whole. The approach that understands the unity of these two requirements is the idea of tonality as a form of communication through music. As a form of communication tonality is both a form of reception which is stabilised among humans belonging to one community and a system of structures according to which a composition must be able to be decomposed so that it can act in the communication process as a »regulated piece of music«.

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