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Medien der Komposition

Oktober 2008, 12. Jahrgang, Heft 48, pp 5-21

Media of Composition

Taking Niklas Luhmann´s distinction between medium and form as the point of departure one can develop a range of music-analytical tools to pinpoint different organisational levels extending from the individual note to the entire work. In contrast to conventional media theories storage and mass media are only particular manifestations of the general medium-form difference which enables ideas and statements for both production and reception traditional music and New Music. At the core lies Luhmann´s formula of the ›difference between medium and form which in turn becomes medial‹. Whether the parameters of a single note constitute the medium of a composition or entire music-historical specimens are subjected to deconstructive methods this spectrum is itself a medium of composition. The present text uses this as the basis for an outline of a media theory of music.

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