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Das klingende Andere seiner selbst

Bemerkungen zu Oktave und musikalischem Ton

Oktober 2008, 12. Jahrgang, Heft 48, pp 55-71

The Self´s Sounding Other.
Remarks on the octave and the musical tone

From an acoustic perspective the musical tone as the basic unit of musical activity has been extensively researched but there are deficits from a musical perspective. Studies in the fields of tone psychology music psychology and musicology either follow the line of acoustics or understand tone in terms of tone systems. But the insight that differences not entities form the smallest musical units can already be brought to bear on the fifth as the first musically effective difference. The octave as the basis of the Western tone system is explained using the methods of Hegelian dialectics as the basic principle of the musical tone itself which reflects itself as being in itself thus revealing the other of its self. This self-referentiality can be understood with the help of the model proposed by the Prague structuralist school as an embodiment of aesthetic function i. e. both as internal self-relation and an explicit reference to itself.

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