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Zeichen – Klang – Gesten

Drei Wagner-Dissertationen

Oktober 2008, 12. Jahrgang, Heft 48, pp 77-86

Signs – Sound – Gestures.
Three Wagner dissertations

One can identify two seemingly opposing tendencies in current writing on Wagner: on the one hand a surprising prominence of themes that had already been at the centre of discussions in the early days of Wagner reception and on the other hand a tendency towards reception- and discoursehistorical approaches that bear the traces of the various »turns« of the more recent cultural sciences. Three dissertations by Christian Thorau Arne Stollberg and Martin Knust seem – each in their own way – to attempt a combination of these tendencies. The tension between different levels of objects and observation which all three must endure in the process is characteristic of a musicology trapped between new culture-scientific orientations and the preservation of a work paradigm however modified and expanded.

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