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Meditation zu Holger Noltzes Leichtigkeitslüge

April 2012, 16. Jahrgang, Heft 62, pp 92-98

Meditation on Holger Noltze´s »Leichtigkeitslüge«

Holger Noltze´s diagnosis of today´s culture scene, published under the bold title Die Leichtigkeitslüge , rightly created something of a sensation. With a dense web of observations covering the most important cultural sectors, he points to a lamentable general trend: the legitimacy of an art with its own intellectual demands has disappeared. Serious engagement with art has been replaced by a mediating industry with many branches, where functionaries and media bosses call the tune. This meditation attempts to illuminate the analytical substance of Noltze´s study, discussing its strengths but also its limits – which become evident, for example, in its proximity to prejudices from the camp of one-dimensional concert reformers.

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