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»Struktur bei Schönberg, Figur bei Webern«

Harald Kaufmanns polemische Analyse

Juli 2012, 16. Jahrgang, Heft 63, pp 43-54

»Structure in Schönberg, figure in Webern«: Harald Kaufmann´s Polemical Analysis

Harald Kaufmann´s physiognomic view of music is not particularly interested in either the person of the composer nor the social aspect. His aim is rather to bring out the particularity of each individual case. Kaufmann points out that his analyses are driven by »polemical opinions«; this takes him away from both Adorno´s and Benjamin´s physiognomic approaches. »Structure« and »figure« are the polar concepts Kaufmann takes from the debate of the 1950s; by switching their respective applications – structure in Schönberg and figure in Webern – he questions the opposition between Schönberg the traditionalist and Webern as the supposed forerunner of serial composition. The result is impressive, and shows several parallels with Derrida´s deconstruction.

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