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»Eine organische Empfindung des Absoluten«

E. M. Cioran und sein ekstatisches Musikverständnis

Juli 2012, 16. Jahrgang, Heft 63, pp 97-105

»An Organic Sense of the Absolute«. E. M. Cioran and His »Ecstatic« Understanding of Music.

E. M. Cioran is considered an outstanding philosophical exponent of pessimism and radical scepticism in the 20th century. His profound attachment to music is barely ever central to his work, but is evident in many peripheral references. What logocentric philosophy considers deficient in music – its aconceptual ambiguity or haziness, its affinity for ecstasy and intoxication – is to Cioran evidence of a higher quality »beyond all reason«. He explicitly admired the »great music« (especially the German) between Bach and Brahms as mankind´s highest cultural achievement. His tendency to mention very few composers by name, and only rarely works, let alone details of works, could indicate that he perceived music – especially in his statements on J. S. Bach – in an ecstatic-mythical fashion as a form of nameless, unrecognisable »cosmic order« – and be taken as a refutation of his own »curses on the world«, which paradoxically affords a mysterious sense-space to the claimed senselessness of all reality.

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