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Das Arkanum der Institution

Die Musikhochschule als Ort der Professionalitätsschulung

Oktober 2012, 16. Jahrgang, Heft 64, pp 5-21

The Arcanum of the Institution. The Music Academy As a Place of Professionality Training

Educational institutions are increasingly questioned as to their educational results. Growing complexities in the career market for musical professions as well as changes in the recruiting of students lead to a twofold process of demands for external evaluation, as well as internal reassessment of professional self-conception. The sociology of institutions, especially the sociology of professions, in the conceptual tradition of Max Weber might help to understand the core structure of the university as a complex complementarity of teachers as artists working together with students as novices in an anticipatory collegiality. The basic communicative framework for the specific pedagogical relationship is the master-pupil relationship, a theoretically idealized framing with an inbuilt implication of simultaneous symmetry and asymmetry, as well as an undeniable inbuilt intimacy and quasi-therapeutic communication. This structure, which must be specified according to the particular demands of a variety of components (including the body involved in the professional education of singers and dancers), is to be seen as a fragile communicative relationship with a certain potential for deviation, needing the protection of a specific institutional framework of representative artistic performance not immediately open to the public. From a structural point of view, universities in this sense can be seen as necessarily conservative institutions – paradoxically, the precondition of innovative performances in terms of the aesthetic traditions at which their work is aimed.

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