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»Hoppla, jetzt komm ich!«

Gastauftritte und Auftrittslieder oder Die Brüchigkeit filmischer Musikszenen

Oktober 2012, 16. Jahrgang, Heft 64, pp 22-41

»Look Out, Here I Come!« Guest Appearances and Entrance Songs, Or, The Fragility of Musical Scenes in Film

Entrance songs inhabit three elementary functional circles in dramaturgy: they introduce the figure, not the star, into the story; they anchor the figure in the plot and its milieu; and they point meta-dramatically to the figure´s protagonal rank. The appearance almost always fluctuates between the performance of the star and the figure in the story – the illusion of the narrative is interrupted, and the (re-)cognition of the star briefly overlies the process of perceiving the story. Because the unity of the illusion is temporarily disturbed and the solidity of the fiction is undermined, entrance songs contain a strong reflexive impulse that makes the illusionary nature of events itself the aesthetic object of reflection.

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