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Adornos Musikphilosophie in Frankreich

Anne Boissières Blick auf die Ästhetik einer informellen Moderne

Oktober 2012, 16. Jahrgang, Heft 64, pp 88-96

Adorno´s Philosophy of Music in France. Anne Boissière´s View of the Aesthetics of an Informal Modernity

This article presents the writings of the French philosopher Anne Boissière on Adorno´s aesthetics of music, viewing them in the context of Adorno´s reception in musicological and philosophical circles, both in the German- and French-language discourses. Boissière´s approach exemplifies an interpretation that examines Adorno´s ideas within their historical context and seeks to show their value for current aesthetic debates. One of her main concerns is to illuminate Adorno´s attitude towards the musical avant-garde after 1945 from an alternative perspective. By emphasizing the significance of Mahler and Berg for Adorno´s sketch of a musique informelle, she succeeds in relativising the Stravinsky-Schönberg opposition that still dominates the literature on his work. This view implies a productive expansion of perspective to encompass such questions as corporeality, time and spatiality in Adorno´s philosophy of music.

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