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»Das Erwachen der Musik«

Eine Entdeckungsreise durch die sowjetische Symphonie

Januar 2015, 19. Jahrgang, Heft 73, pp 100-107

»The Awakening of Music«. A Journey of Discovery Through the Soviet Symphony – The musical culture of the Soviet era is still largely unexplored territory. In this country it is usually associated exclusively with Shostakovich and Prokofiev. In most cases, Soviet music is perceived as a culture ›handicapped‹ by restrictive state directives. The recent rediscovery of the music of Mieczyslav Weinberg, however, made it clear that this picture can be very deceptive at times. Boris Yoffe’s book Im Fluss des Symphonischen: Eine Entdeckungsreise durch die sowjetische Symphonie [In the Stream of the Symphonic: A Journey of Discovery Through the Soviet Symphony] is an extremely valuable contribution to the exploration of this musical area – and a further reason to revise the one-sidedly avant-garde-oriented music historiography of the twentieth century.

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