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Der Morgenlandfahrer und der tonale Abenteurer

Neues über Scelsi und Tosatti

Juli 2015, 19. Jahrgang, Heft 75, pp 89-95

The Oriental Traveller and the Tonal Adventurer. New Information About Scelsi and Tosatti – Studies and editions from the last ten years make it possible to see the genesis of Scelsi’s works and his view of himself in a new light. As far as the writing of the music is concerned, the central figure is Vieri Tosatti, who produced most of the scores. Once it became clear that both the production of the tape recordings and that of the scores displayed a high degree of sometimes autonomous constructivity, the question remains of how it was possible for Tosatti, whose aesthetic views were very different from Scelsi’s, to produce such convincing and innovative results. Scelsi’s autobiography, published in German in 2013, offers insight not only into his life, but also his way of thinking. Of particular interest are his statements about his musical training, his attitude to contemporary music, concern about his works, his Christianity and the imaginary orient as a place of spiritual longing.

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