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Klaus K. Hüblers 4. Streichquartett mozART (2005)

Oktober 2015, 19. Jahrgang, Heft 76, pp 5-19

Klaus K. Hübler’s Fourth String Quartet »mozART« (2005) – Klaus K. Hübler’s Fourth String Quartett, composed in 2005 and still unperformed, is subjected to an analysis that considers the aspects of form, harmony, rhythm and morphology and views them in relation to Mozart’s Dissonance quartet, quotations from which are scattered throughout the piece. The analysis is preceded by a discussion of technical aspects of the Third String Quartet that made the composer famous in the 1980s, but which he no longer uses. The author ends by considering the work in the context of Hübler’s œuvre and examining it in terms of reduction and connection to tradition, aspects that are equally relevant in the three phases of his output and hold them together.

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