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Produzenten und Studios in der populären Musik

Oktober 2015, 19. Jahrgang, Heft 76, pp 20-42

Producers and Studios in Popular Music – One of the tasks of a popular music producer is to reflect on the available technology and draw equal inspiration from its potentials and limitations. Tracing an overall arc from the first mass-produced phonographies around 1900 to the music of the 2010s, the article discusses a series of well-known producers whose concepts in the use of studio technology, musicians and musical material provided important stimuli for pop history. With reference to Brian Eno’s notion of the ›studio as an instrument‹, one can understand the stages in technological history from mechanical recording via tape, multi-track technology, sequencers, drum machines and synthesizers to the digital revolution of the 1980s and the increasing virtualization of recording, editing and generating processes in studio software around 2000 as all being different manifestations of the interdependence of studio technology and pop music.

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