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Wie gelangt man in eine Blumenwelt?

Enharmonik, Alteration und Chromatik in Robert Schumanns Am leuchtenden Sommermorgen

Oktober 2015, 19. Jahrgang, Heft 76, pp 43-53

How to Enter a World of Flowers? Enharmonicism, Alteration and Chromaticism in Schumann’s »Am leuchtenden Sommermorgen« – One of today’s debates in music theory mostly grounds in a knowledge that is self-evident to any theory of (natural or moral) science: As any academic subject, music theory also underlies historic change. Hence it provides a multitude of methods that can – and should be – questioned. Furthermore, these methods need to be evaluated depending on the phenomenon to which they apply. The debate within the current discourse on pluralism appears to be quite abstract and therefore provides only little helpful grounds for a useful practical dealing with music. This paper visualizes such a historical-critical approach on the basis of a detailed examination of a harmonic-contrapuntual phenomenon within the song »Am leuchtenden Sommermorgen« from Robert Schumann’s Dichterliebe op. 48 (mm. 16-17). This demonstration does not only refer to the academic discourse in the narrower sense, but also to the artistic practice of interpretation.

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