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Der aufgelöste Musikbegriff

Zerfalls- und Konsolidierungsmomente des Begriffs der »Musik« heute

Oktober 2016, 20. Jahrgang, Heft 80, pp 85-96

The Dissolution of the Concept of Music: Aspects of Disintegration and Consolidation of the Concept of »Music« Today – Music is currently confronted with the expansion of its media possibilities, in the same way that has long been evident in the visual arts and is characterized by Peter Osborne as »transmedial«. On the other hand, institutional structures secure the traditional, medium-based definition of the artistic disciplines. More recently, however, it has become apparent how this fixity can be overcome, enabling music and all the arts to enter the transmedial state. But there will still be criteria for distinguishing between different practices.

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