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Zur Ontologie der Popmusik

Januar 2017, 21. Jahrgang, Heft 81, pp 40-54

Concerning the Ontology of Pop Music – This study on the ontology of music aims for a contrastive reconstruction of pop music’s special character in comparison to European art music and jazz. In the first part, the concepts of musical performance, the musical work and the recording are introduced as categories that are fundamental to our understanding of music. In the second part, these concepts are related to the traditions of European art music, jazz and pop music. Whereas the work paradigm has primacy in the tradition of European art music, it is the concrete spatio-temporal musical event that generally constitutes the focus of aesthetic appreciation in jazz. The central thesis on pop music’s mode of being, by contrast, is that it exists primarily in the form of recordings. In pop music, such recordings are usually less documentations of musical performances than independent objects of aesthetic appreciation.

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