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Orlandos La nuict froide et sombre

Rhetorische Innovation auf allen Ebenen

Januar 2017, 21. Jahrgang, Heft 81, pp 55-63

Orlando’s »La nuict froide et sombre«. Rhetorical Innovation at All Levels – By approaching Orlando di Lasso’s setting of two strophes of Joachim Du Bellay’s ode, La nuict froide et sombre, from a rhetorical point of view, this article addresses the relationship of the underlying affects of the poetic text to their musical expression. In particular, it examines some of the musical vocabulary Lasso employed – his use of major and minor imperfect intervals, his cadential structure and employment of ornamental figures – which enabled him to create a musical counterpart equal to the revolutionary form and structure of the poetic text. By using Joachim Burmeister’s method of analysis in which the music is subdivided and evaluated line-by-line in accordance to their affect, an extremely valuable perspective is opened up for the performing musician, as the rhetorical aspect of inventio can immediately be linked to the subsequent actio.

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