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Verweigerung als Ausgangspunkt

Anmerkungen zum Umgang mit kritischer Neuer Musik im Kontext ihrer Vermittlung

April 2017, 21. Jahrgang, Heft 82, pp 74-84

Rejection as a Point of Departure: Notes on Dealing with Critical New Music in the Context of Its Mediation – The specific aesthetic of critical modern music – the program of which includes the »rejection of the familiar« (Helmut Lachenmann), among other things – frequently also produces an attitude of rejection on the part of the audience. This attitude of rejection indeed substantially impedes the instructional handling of the corresponding modern music, but can also become the basis for long-range and lasting aesthetic learning processes if it is possible to transparently convey the dialectical relationships between aesthetic aspiration, social reality, and the individual experience of modern music.

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