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Problemgeschichten der Musikwissenschaft

Eine »Re-Lektüre« von Carl Dahlhaus’ Grundlagen der Musikgeschichte

April 2017, 21. Jahrgang, Heft 82, pp 85-91

Problem Histories of Musicology: A »Re-reading« of Carl Dahlhaus’s Foundations of Music History – The relationship between historical theory and historiography in Carl Dahlhaus’s work is addressed in a recently-published »re-reading« of his Foundations of Music History. Within the framework of the collection, Dahlhaus’s book is tied both to historical discourses of evaluation and current discursive contexts in the field of history. This shows steps towards a third way between the currently widespread camp-based thinking of Dahlhaus’s devotees and his despisers. His practice of thought, which brought him great esteem in music theory and hostility from the cultural sciences, could be made fruitful by an attentive musicology as a potential source of tension between historical norms and diversity of presentation.

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