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Ironie der Hörbarkeit

Ole-Henrik Moes Three Persefone-Perceptions für Violine solo

Juli 2017, 21. Jahrgang, Heft 83, pp 38-59

Irony of Audibility. Ole-Henrik Moe’s »Three Persefone-Perceptions« for Violin Solo – Ole-Henrik Moe’s Three Persefone-Perceptions hide a rich repertoire of nuances behind a surface of repetitive gestures such as tremolos and crescendo-decrescendo sequences. Even though the details of an extremely differentiated overtone technique are clearly audible, the listener is almost forced to understand these as mere side effects of the primary gestures of the piece, much too differentiated to be actually composed. The fact that nothing is hidden in this piece, everything is on the surface, and still the listener is almost bound to misinterpret the piece in a fundamental way because of preconceptions about what can be done and what can not be done in music, could be seen as an irony of audibility: the piece is a proposal, but it does not try to convince the listener, because that very effort would compromise the inherent quality of its artistic point of view.

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