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Zwischen den Künsten

Entgrenzung und Rekonstitution in der Neuen Musik

Oktober 2017, 21. Jahrgang, Heft 84, pp 14-29

Between the Arts: Derestriction and Reconstitution in New Music – Proceeding from tendencies of derestriction in music in the context of recent works of New Music, this article asks what can still be considered »new« in New Music today. Beyond the two options of defining music based on the traditional system of the arts and dissolving »music« in the singular in favour of art, the author suggests interpreting the corresponding works in such a way that in each case the relationship between the arts is not abolished, but rather renegotiated. Drawing especially on reflections by Hegel, Adorno and Gadamer, it is asserted that such a renegotiation has the same origins as the concept of music as an autonomous art form. The article therefore suggests seeing the philosophical sign of these recent developments in the fact that, in this musical practice, a corresponding negotiation becomes aware of itself.

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