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»Form can wait«

Zur Form von Lachenmanns Salut für Caudwell

Januar 2018, 22. Jahrgang, Heft 85, pp 27-44

»Form can wait«. Consideration of form in Lachenmann’s »Salut für Caudwell« – This paper endeavors to explore and compare various formal outlines of Salut. There are aspects of the discourse on Lachenmann’s formal thinking which led me to the conclusion that discussing its musical progression by building upon research previously conducted would shed interesting light on issues concerning perspective, perception, and sensibility. The essay’s central question involves the notion of structural demarcation, or partitioning, and in connection therto, how the ear perceives beginnings and endings as concerns long-range progressions. The results of this comparative analysis – often striking in terms of the sheer diversity of opinion – will be aligned against a recently-discovered formal design by Lachenmann himself, which will in part support, but ultimately question the way the work is commonly understood, at least on a structural level.

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