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»Ach, das Erhabene«

Zum ästhetischen Diskurs der radikalen Rechten

April 2018, 22. Jahrgang, Heft 86, pp 30-48

»Oh, the Sublime«. The Aesthetic Discourse of the Radical Right
Artists with sympathies for the political right, in the widest sense, have often based a critique of modernity on aesthetic categories. Here it is notable that the central criterion was not beauty, which was the typical standard both for the academic aesthetics of the 19th century and the political left that was active in this field. Rather, the point of reference was the sublime, which was defined – rather one-sidedly – in terms of an aesthetic of overwhelming. This is shown with reference to three of the main directions in the aesthetic discourse of the right: völkisch nationalism (Lienhard, Langbehn, Kotzde), aesthetic fundamentalism (Wagner, Hofmanns­thal, ­Borchardt, Benn) and the new nationalism (Moeller van der Bruck, Ernst Jünger).

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