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Grundlagen der Grundlagen

Marginalien zur Genese von Dahlhaus’ Historik

Juli 2018, 22. Jahrgang, Heft 87, pp 9-25

In the foreword to his Foundations of Music History (1977), Carl Dahlhaus names three reasons for writing the book: the lack of theoretical reflection in his own field, the problem of mediation between methodological maxims and their political implications, and also the difficulties he encountered when preparing his history of 19th-century music. Each of the three reasons can now be understood more precisely and contextualized using newly-uncovered letters and notes. In the 1980s, the controversy regarding the work-character of ­political music – contrary to a popular claim by Anne Shreffler (2003), the methodological critiques were directed mainly at the ›western left‹ – became intertwined with historiographical questions regarding the concept of event that was reinforced in publications by the group ›Poetik und Hermeneutik‹. There is also a postscript on the English translation of the book and structure-historical historiography in late Dahlhaus.

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