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Finale II

Juli 2018, 22. Jahrgang, Heft 87, pp 61-79

Finale II – The paradigm shift in New Music after the war resulted from the experiences gathered by composers with the new medium of electronic sound production. Many studios were set up, only to fold some 15 years later. At the intersection of electronics and music, New Music and pop came closer together than ever before (Stockhausen/Jazz, Berio/Beatles and Rap, Boulez/Zappa, Ligeti/Beatles); a shared future seemed within reach. Subsequent generations cut off this rapprochement. The second part of the text concerns the subject of New Music and Film (Eisenstein/Adorno/Kagel). The final section recalls two winners of the Nobel Prize for physics who had close connections to music (Planck, Heisenberg).

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