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Ausdruck einer Stimme

Wie Bob Dylan singt

Januar 2019, 23. Jahrgang, Heft 89, pp 60-78

Expression of a Voice. The Way Bob Dylan Sings 
This text sets itself several tasks. Firstly, it describes the inner diversity of Bob Dylan’s voice from the early folk years, via the album Nashville Skyline, to the late ›Never Ending Tour‹ and the albums of that period. The concern here is singing and language, the inner temporality of the voice and finally the interplay between performance and musical organisation. The analysis of Janis Joplin’s 1967 performance in Monterey shows how and why there is no contradiction between the show and the structure. The text ends with analyses of three Dylan songs that concentrate on extremely different types of vocal (re)presentation: ›Blowin’ in the Wind‹ (1962), ›Workingman’s Blues #2‹ (2009) and ›That Lucky Old Sun‹ (2015).

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