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Abgesang aufs Uferlose. Keith Jarretts CD-Box A Multitude of Angels

Juli 2019, 23. Jahrgang, Heft 91, pp 100-107

A Swan Song to the Boundless: Keith Jarrett’s CD Box A Multitude of Angels
A Multitude of Angels seems to be a turning point in Keith Jarrett’s career: the four CDs contain the last concerts from 1996, in which Jarrett improvises the large formal arc of a complete concert half. The article examines the question of why this recording is widely viewed as a kind of swan song, even though Jarrett improvised entire concerts in the following years – though consisting of far shorter episodes, which accordingly tend to have the character of preconceived pieces. With this departure from the improvised large-scale form, the myths that shaped the image of Jarrett as an absolute creator for years, and now reveal themselves as expressing a collective longing for a positive conception of formlessness, also begin to falter.

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