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Der Nachruf als Reflexionsform

Soziologische Anmerkungen zu Hans-Peter Jahns Buch über Otto Tomek

Oktober 2019, 23. Jahrgang, Heft 92, pp 98-107

The Obituary as a Form of Reflection: Sociological Observations on Hans-Peter Jahn’s Book on Otto Tomek
These deliberations on the book on Otto Tomek by Hans-Peter Jahn are intended not only as a review, but also as a sociological commentary. The book itself is praised not only as a biography of a commendable colleague that draws on material he himself gathered throughout his long professional life, but also as a self-reflective, and thus exemplary portrait of a professional practice. It deals with a key position in the cultural field: the »patron« of innovative artists. Insights into these artists are combined with insights into the institutional growth of New Music in Germany, as well as the field-specific role of the public radio introduced in Germany by the Allies. Jahn intersperses this with equally relevant critical observations about the differences between the radio practices of today and of those early times. They could provide a starting point for a further study.

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